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Mad Scientist Audio designs and manufactures unique audio enhancer products. All of our products are hand made, often using materials we developed in-house. For example, our power cords are built using around 25 components, with the main wire being hand-wound from individual conductors. 

  new.gifMagic Tubes


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BlackPod Ceramic and TC High Performance Audio Footers
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BlackPod TC for the ultimate performance. Using a single Tungsten Carbide ball that provides the fastest possible transferance of vibration with two Zirconia ceramic balls, BlackPod TC is our best footer set. Only $209 for a set of 3. 


BlackPod Ceramic uses two types of high-tech ceramic ball, one denser and harder than the other, to provide the cleanest and fastest mechanical ground path.  Only $179 for set of 3. Click Here to visit shop ....  More information

new.gifBlackPod Mini Footers - same formula, smaller size

pods_large_small_web.jpg Showing the difference in size between the Regular and Mini. Click for more info .... Click to visit shop

BlackPod High Performance Audio Footers


Our new BlackPod footers give high performance on a par with expensive products at low price. If you've not tried high performance footers then you are in for a treat. The improvement they bring is much more than you'd expect, even when used with components that should not need them. Click Here to ready my comparison "BlackPods vs Stillpoints"

BlackPod footers are designed to support components that weigh up to 75 kg. Read More...

Price only $139 for a set of 3 footers Click Here to visit shop


NEO-OCC Power Cord (with built in filter)


This power cord is the top of our range - a NEO cord built with OCC Copper wire. Now available in four colors, white, red, navy blue and black.The NEO-OCC Power Cord uses 11 or 9 awg OCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper wire with Teflon and Cotton insulation.More info... 

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<<<This power cord is the top of our range - a NEO cord built with OCC Copper wire. Now available in four colours: White, Red, Navy Blue and Velvet Black  

Mad Scientist NEO Power Cord (with built in filter)


The NEO is a  Power Cord with built-in Power Purifier. It now uses Kegs with embedded Neodymium magnets. NEO is made from 11awg teflon insulated OFC wire, wrapped in cotton sleeve before being twisted (to damp mechanical resonances, and provide enhanced dielectric performance). Terminated with audiophile grade power and IEC plugs. Available in four colors. More Info...  

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 Mad Scientist FIRST Power Cord with Filter


This high-spec power cord contains a BlackDiscus filter using 3 "kegs". It's constructed from high quality copper wire with teflon and cotton insulation, audiophile quality power and IEC plugs. And it sounds awesome. More info...  

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Only $139 - Red or Black or Navy Blue costs no extra! 

BlackDiscus "Black Sticks"


Black Sticks are a new type of BlackDiscus for cables. But they are more than simply a different shape. There's a special core, constructed from Mundorf copper foil, and this increases resolution over the regular BlackDiscus. And yes, they are not even All Black. The bottom part is blue, but "Black And Blue Sticks" didn't sound right. More Info...

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What is BlackDiscus?


BlackDiscus are small devices that attach to strategic points on your system, and they improve the clarity of the sound, enhance the stereo image and lower the noise-floor. Once you've tried BlackDiscus you won't want to listen to your system without them.  

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       BlackDiscus used on a headphone lead - one of many uses.

BlackDiscus are great, but we don't expect you to take our word for it. That's why we'd like to send you a free sample so you can try them on your own system, no obligation whatsoever. Click here for details. Of course, we are very confident that they work - how so? Well, we routinely blind test them, and we encourage you to try this as well as sighted testing.

BlackDiscus maybe magical but they do not rely on magic. They use good old physics and engineering (hey, Einstein published papers on relativity more than 100 years ago, and quantum mechanics is getting on to be almost 100 as well!). Not that BlackDiscus uses Quantum Mechanics. It doesn't (not in this universe at least). Which means it is in the minority, as most tweaks seem to claim quantum something-or-other in their principles of operation.